pixel factory

Pixel Factory is a secret camouflaged interior, an impulsing artifact of data and images, and a mediatheque that we can act as scriptwriters while expanding physical bodies onto virtual. The main aim is to adapt architecture to the technological age as an electronic media suite in times physical nature is inseparable from the digital wilderness. Architecture becomes a visual and political apparatus inhabited by political bodies whose primary medium of resistance is cultural and intellectual property against the despotic digital regimes.

The exterior veil is a fragmented, dynamic visual camouflage apparatus that blurs inside and outside, fooling the physical and digital eye. The mutualistic relation and collisions between informal data stewardship by data sleepers and spectacles by objective dreamers are central resources of community synergy. The data management, learning, and theatre feed each other
through debates in the salon-like chambers leading to curatorial practices. The physical bodies expand to digital bodies through media extensions in the electronic landscape, while all practices happen with different rhythms cycles, and rituals, expanding physical onto virtual.