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gardens and islands

Anthropocene epoch was beautiful, powerful and sublime. And then it just started giving harm. Now it is 2519. Nature is re-set.

What is seen in the illustration is one unit of the nostalgia gardens. Garden is soft. It is not a space of power, capital or personal manifestation. It is neutral. It offers an experience. The reality is now not physical. What happened to all the great masterpieces? Cities, houses, bridges, cathedrals, pyramides museums and towers... The ancient architecture is an idea, a story, a myth. Now people are flocking to experience this ancient and crazy way of living. Now, space is cognitive, doesn’t have to be represented physically. It is a form of collective and interactive ambiances. Layers of history juxtaposed. Augmented reality transforms physical reality.

The physical was just a war of egos.

gardens and islands

Liminal space is inbetween of all we know, past and future, old and new, black and white. It has the charm of ambiguity. But it is not comfortable and static, it is on the becoming. It is not the dream, but not the reality. This panel called island, illustrates dynamic quality of being on the threshold, flow of time and transformation. Black volume loses the quality of solidity, the void becomes more solid.